Books that can help

Book How to keep your Volkswagen Alive

How to keep your Volkswagen alive by John Muir

The book you must have if you're going to be doing your own maintenance on a Beetle, Camper Van or any other old VW. Written in an easy-going style, it covers almost everything you need to know, the only thing it could do with more of is pictures, but then that would put the cost of making it much higher. This is the book that's kept many an ill vdub out of the scrap heap and back on to the road.

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Book Beetle Owners Workshop Manual

Volkswagen Beetle Owners Workshop Manual by Autobooks

A good workshop manual with lots of facts and straightforward delivery, quite a few clear pictures. This is for people who all ready know what they're doing enough to understand the instructions, and provides a good compliment to the Muir book above.

This has been republished, but does seem a bit expensive new so it might be worth looking around some jumble / yard sales or checking the second hand bookshops before buying a fresh copy.

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